"Nature and Natures laws lay hid in night
God said, let Tesla be, and all was light".
Mr. B.A. Behrend
A Serbian born-American scientist, who invented; Alternating Current (the electricity we use today), Radio, Fluorescent light, Microwave, Remote-control,  X-Ray, Radar, Bladeless turbine, a Rotary engine,  to name just a few, he is often referred to as the man who invented the 20th century.In 1895 Tesla & Westinghouse switched on the worlds first power station  producing Alternating Current. We owe a debt of gratitude to Nikola Tesla for the freedom his inventions brought mankind, but he was acutely aware of the side effects his inventions would cause. By 1896 Tesla had defined free energy and worked with this and other unusual energies combining  Albert Einstein's research into the Unified Field Theory.

Nikola Tesla
Just before his death in 1943 Tesla entrusted this information to a young U.S physicist Ralph Burgstreser, from Tesla's notes Burgstresser discovered how to alter the atomic structure of certain metals and crystalline materials. From this research came a range of products which act as transceivers of energy in a similar fashion to a ferrite aerial. Thousands of these products have been sold all over the world.  Continuing this research scientists in the U.S and Australia have produced a process to compensate for the Earth's changing Schumans Resonance, which has risen dramatically over the past 5 years.
Although Nikola Tesla was responsible for the discovery of alternating current and other progressive inventions that followed, his incredible understanding of frequencies, led him to create the resonance that was necessary to counteract the biological effects of radiation for which his inventions were responsible.  Tesla  investigated the vibrating matter of all things, and discovered that all matter has a natural frequency.

He was, without  doubt, one of the worlds greatest inventors.  So, for this reason and out of respect and admiration, we named our company Tesla's Innovational Technologies.

Tesla Coil
2004 Tesla's Innovational Technologies