Nikola Tesla was without doubt the world's greatest scientist and inventor and for this reason, out of respect and admiration, we named our company Tesla's Innovational Technologies. In 1990 up dating of the original energy was needed and in 1998,Tesla's Innovational Technologies management was introduced to further developments leading to a new generation in the technology using Titanium* as its base. The growing number of practitioners and Healers through out the world using Tesla's Technologies in their Practices is testimony to the fact that the updating of the energy is living up to  Nikola Tesla's expectations. These products use no magnetic or electrical power and are cost effective.
  • Russian Safety Standard
    Russia   5 microwatts  per  square  cm
    at   30 cm     1o 5 mG  (milliGauss*).
  • Swedish Safety Standard
    Swedish  standard  at 30cm    2o5 mG
  • Australian Safety Standard1995
    Australian standard at  30cm    1,000 mG.
    200 microwatts  per  square  cm

American EPA internal report 1990 titled Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of Electromagnetic fields.

..."...the investigation found (enough) evidence of a casual link between EMF's in domestic situations and the incidence of cancers, particular in children, to recommend that EMF's sould be included on the list of class B1 carcinagens..."... 

Dr. Bruce Hocking conducted a health study in a 4km zone surrounding Sydney TV towers. Through frequencies of transmissions of TV towers and mobile base stations are different, they are closely related on the spectrum. Both are 1,000 times lower than the present Australian standards. Dr. Hocking found that children living within a 4km radius of television towers had a 60% higher incidence of leukemia than children who lived further from the towers and there was a far greater risk of dying from the disease. Dr. Hocking also found an increased rate of adult cancer in the study area than beyond it.

Swiss Federal department of the Environment report on biological effects of 50Hz alternating current AC, 1994.

Quote..."...the casual link between electromagnetic fields and cancer has been convincingly demonstrated..."...

Dr. Cherry explains..."Australian standards (AS 2772) governing mobile base stations etc is inadequate because it protects the public from heating associated with radiation and not with the more subtle biological effects that are indicated by present research".

*milliGauss is the magnetic fields emanating from the transmission of electricity scientifically to pass through nearly everything

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To confirm the efficacy of these new generation products, Tesla's commissioned independent bio-energy testing, using;

  • Kirlian Diagnostic Photography (Russia), Aura Photography (USA)
  • Micro Capillary Microscope (China), Acutec Ryodoraku (Australia),
  • Prognos (Germany), EEG, ECG, Infrared Thermometer.

Of over 100 people tested 100% of these people were adversely affected by all man-made EMF'S and EMR. These bio-energy tests showed the subjects bodies returning to a more natural balance whilst still in the same fields, although the Titanium products themselves do not put the body into total balance. The tests have shown the products appear to increase or decrease the bio-energies in appropriate areas, which may encourage the body to detoxify, thereby aiding the body's natural healing potential.

Testing by a prominent Brisbane naturopathic clinic.
1/ Tests done via the meridians shows the client with a number of high stressed meridians showing a person out of balance
2/ Tests shows more balance in the meridians after client held a Small Practitioner Plate for 5 minutes
Testing by taking the measurement of energy at the fingertips, the computer shows the results of energy around the fingers, this testing is used for diagnosis in many hospitals in Eastern Europe claiming 98% accuracy.
This test showing energy around the client's weakened body before wearing a Pendant.
This test shows a much stronger & more vibrant energy feild after client has worn the Pendant for 8 days
Independent testing done by an 'Aura Photography' company.
AppleMark? AppleMark?

This photo taken of a person with a Lap top computer on their lap. Aura is showing extreme stress

This photo taken of same person with Lap top on lap  after Tesla's computer  plate has been fitted
Client using mobile phone. Auric stress evident.
Using mobile phone with Phone Tag fitted, notice  blue  calming energy and  pink denotes love.

*NB.Tesla's titanium bears no working resemblance to titanium used in jewellery etc.

No healing properties are claimed for any of Tesla's Innovational Technologies products, but in providing an energetically improved environment, a person currently receiving treatment from their practitioner should find the treatment enhanced or more effective. These products are not listed as therapeutic and are in no way promoted as curative. Any recurring ill-health symptoms should be discussed with your health practitioner.

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